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February 16, 2016

Get a head start on your budget planning

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365 days of budget planning

PHS West, Inc. manufactures the Ergo-Express line of power carts, tugs and patient transport chairs and the Featherweight line of Endoscopy Carts and Linen & Supply Carts. With our no obligation quotes and simple design process with our Sales & Design Consultants, getting a quote ahead of time is simple, quick and helpful. This extra time will allow for feedback from the staff, scheduling on site product demonstrations and harvesting a relationship with us.
Budget planning doesn’t just happen once a year. Planning, organizing and collecting information happens all year around. When interested in any of the PHS West Ergo-Express or Featherweight line of products obtain a no obligation quotation. Be prepared for when the time comes and possibly creeps up on you. When the deadline hits and you have been too busy with staffing issues and other administrative ventures, you can remain calm because you obtained a quote for exactly what you need in the coming year from PHS West, already.


Power Drive Solutions

The Ergo-Express line of power drive solutions are all customized to fit exactly your power drive needs.  No matter the equipment, the distance or the terrain, we can fit a product to your need and create the perfect solution to increasing efficiencies and reducing injuries in your department. Budgeting is easy; with the assistance of the PHS West Sales & Design consultants a quote is just a phone call away.


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Featherweight Linen & Supply Carts

The Featherweight line of equipment, linen and supply carts and cabinets are designed for lightweight transport and built with your need in mind. Customization options are virtually endless with this line of carts and cabinets. Don’t be scared by the word custom, our Sales & Design consultants are here to help create a quote for the perfect solution for your department and are a quick phone call away.

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