Features and Benefits of PHS West Products

November 20, 2015

Features & Benefits of PHS West Products

Thousands of design possibilities

All PHS West Products are customized to ensure you get exactly what you need.  We specialize in fitting the tool to the project

Design consultants are on staff to help walk you through this process

Lightweight construction

From our Endoscopy Carts to our Linen carts and everything in between, we use the lightest weight material while being mindful of heavy duty construction

Non-Marking precision ball bearing casters

The casters on all of our carts are non-marking to ensure the floors of your facility stay nice and clean

The precision ball bearing casters allow for easy and quiet maneuvering of any product not assisted with a power drive

Optional Power Drive

Any of our products have the option of being upgraded to a power drive

Adding a power drive cart or tug to any process helps make that process easier and safer for the staff involved

Self-Diagnostic & Programmable drive controls

Every powered product, upon start up, runs a self-diagnostic test to ensure the product functioning

All PHS West product controls can be programmed alternative from factory settings if so desired

ETL, ETLc Certified

Almost every power drive product has received a third party approval for UL certification as a complete system, giving our products a superior electrical certification

Redundant smart charging system with non-memory forming batteries

Think of it like a gas tank and a gas pump.  The batteries, like a gas tank, will not form a memory to how often they are charged up.  The charger, like a gas pump, senses when the tank is full and shuts off to not over charge the batteries.  Keeping the units plugged in when not in use will ensure you always have a full tank of gas to get you where you need to go.

Weight capacities

All of our product weight capacities are tested for load and break capacity at a 6 degree incline

Higher than standard weight capacities are available with a motor upgrade

Center mounted retractable drive

All PHS West, Ergo-Express Motorized Carts have the option to upgrade to a center mounted retractable drive

Having the drive retractable allows for the cart to have easier maneuvering on the 4 corner, all swivel casters, into tight spaces or in cramped hallways

Foam filled never flat drive wheels

All PHS West Ergo-Express Power Drive Products have foam filled never flat tires to ensure the longest lasting drive wheel available to you with no maintenance

Emergency stop button

All PHS West Ergo-Express Power Drive Products come with an added safety feature of the emergency stop button.  This button immediately stops the powered product once compressed.


All PHS West products come with a limited warranty up to three years.

Lifetime 24/7 operational and technical support

Whenever there is a question about your product we will have a technician available to troubleshoot with you.  If parts are needed they are often available to ship the next business day.

CAD schematics and additional specifications available upon request

Since all PHS West products are customized to your need, we can provide free to you a to scale drawing of exactly what your cart will look like for evaluation by your team

Free on-site demonstration

Contact our sales and design team to set up a time for your local representative to bring in a demo unit for some of our products.


·         Application understanding

·         Determination of appropriate model

·         Determination of accessories or containment needed

·         Proof of concept

·         Justification of need

·         Buy in from staff & administration

·         Building a business case along with ergonomic and ROI justification reports where necessary


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