Ergo-Express PTC1 Accessories

February 23, 2016

Ergo-Express PTC1 Accessories: Adding to the patient experience one leg rest at a time



In addition to being a wonderful tool for hospital employees to prevent injury when transporting patients, the Ergo-Express Motorized Patient Transport Chair, model PTC1 has many accessories available that will all add to the overall patient experience.  Some accessories come standard on every PTC1, some are available upgrades, and all have a specific benefit to the staff and patient experience.


xtra hand


IV Stand Clamp

The IV pole attachment arm is a great accessory to add when patient transport may include patients whose IV’s are attached to pumps and the IV bag cannot easily be transferred to the standard IV Pole.


Adjustable Leg Rests

Adjustable leg rests can be added in addition to or in replacement of the standard foot platform.  The leg rests allow for elevation of the patients legs for their comfort.

ptc pouch

Locking Patient Belonging Bag

If your PTC1 is used in scenarios where patient belongings are often a part of your transport then a patient belonging bag may be a great addition to your PTC.

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