Ergo-Express® PTC 1 Motorized Patient Transport Chair

July 14, 2015

Are you or your staff struggling with transporting heavy patients in manual wheelchairs?

Are you or your staff at risk of injury?

The Ergo-Express ® PTC1 by PHS West, Inc. is your answer. Any staff member can transport any patient over long distances, carpet, ramps, and uneven elevator thresholds with the touch of a finger. Call today to schedule your free on-site demonstration of the PTC1 and see firsthand how you can achieve your Safe Patient Handling goals today.

  • Power Drive eliminates your push/pull injury risk
  • You can transport patients up to 750lbs without any strain
  • You no longer need 2 staff members to transport bariatric patients
  • Optional seat widths up to 30” and foam filled wheels create a comfortable ride of the patient
  • Call TODAY and you will be on your way to eliminating struggles, frustrations, and employee injury potential associated with manual patient transport.

The Ergo-Express® PTC1 is your solution.

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