June 15, 2016

The link between ergonomics and productivity

A recent Modern Material Handling Magazine Article highlighted the link between ergonomics, productivity, keeping happy employees & immediate return on investment.  The insightfulness of the article got us thinking about the link between all of this, and the PHS West Ergo-Express Power Drive Solutions.

Modern Material Handling Magazine noted when a product is introduced into a factory/warehouse setting that is meant to reduce the injury risk, it is commonplace that the product also has a positive impact on productivity.  Be this impact intended or not, when an engineering control is implemented to reduce injuries it happens to increase productivity purely by existing.  Doing work smarter not harder was the common theme and the end result is a faster ROI; virtually eliminate injury risk and workman’s comp claims as well as increasing productivity.

Ergonomics: The Ergo-Express Power Drive Solutions offer a solution to moving heavy materials without the risk of injury

Productivity: Do more with less.  The Ergo-Express Motorized Carts & Tugs allow for heavier loads to be transported in one trip, increasing productivity while keeping ergonomics in mind

Happy Employees: The article highlighted that it does not take an injury for an employee to leave an unpleasant job and with the labor shortage in today’s warehouse workforce, keeping an employee is key.

Immediate return on investment: Investing in a power drive solution will accomplish all of the above.  But the price tag can be hard to swallow.  It’s not cheap but if one purchase can prevent one injury or damaged equipment, then the purchase paid for itself.

The Ergo-Express Power Drive Solutions are a line of products all designed to aid in ergonomic transport of heavy materials.  With the ergonomic throttle just one finger can move thousands of pounds of materials effortlessly, virtually eliminating the potential injury risk to employees.  Motorized carts, tugs and lift tables all allow staff to safely perform the task that would normally take multiple trips or multiple employees.

Ergo-Express Power DriveErgo-Express Power Drive

Increasing productivity is always on the mind.  When a product allows employees to do more with less effort and less injury risk it is a win/win scenario.  The Ergo-Express Motorized Carts and Tugs will do just that.  Transporting heavier loads with just the touch of a finger.  Implementing an administrative control to reduce injury will make the same job less efficient but safer.  Implementing an engineering control such as the Ergo-Express Motorized Carts, tugs or lift table will allow one employee to do the job of multiple employees generating higher productivity and lower injury risk.

Healthy employees are happy employees.  It does not always take an injury to remove an employee from a job.  With turnover rates increasing in the warehouse workforce keeping solid employees has become increasingly important.  Applying ergonomic solutions and creating a safer work environment will create a happier workforce.  Ergonomics and productivity are important, but keeping a solid, good employee working is key to success.  Deploy a fleet of Ergo-Express power drive solutions into your work environment and see how much happier each employee is when they know their risk of work place related injury is eliminated.

When making the decision to invest in a new product there are several key factors taken into consideration by administration.  One is the return on investment.  Many assessments can be done to determine how much more productive an employee will be with the purchase, and how soon that productivity will yield a solid return on investment. However, once when asked how much an Ergo-Express Cart costs, the response “About a third the cost of a back injury” was the response.  While humor was injected into the response, it remains a solid and truthful answer.  You never know when an injury is going to take place.  With the Ergo-Express line of power drive solutions, injury can be wiped from the equation, making an immediate impact on bottom line.


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