Ergo-Express Motorized Tug: Choosing your hitch

February 2, 2016

Choosing your Motorized Tug Hitch


The Ergo-Express Motorized Tug is adaptable to virtually anything already on a wheeled base.  The Tug and hitch system we provide will ensure safe and efficient transport throughout your facility.


motorized tugger


Most commonly used is our Universal Hitch.  This hitch can connect to any wheeled base that has an edge or lip for the hitch to connect.

How do I determine my hitch?

Depending on your need, process and existing equipment, the universal hitch may not be the best option for you.  In order for our team and yours to determine the best hitch option for you a brief design discussion is possible.  Many hitch options are available, choosing the best one is easy with our sales & design consultants.

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