Ergo Express Motorized Package Mover Cart

June 1, 2015

Motorized Package Mover CartErgo Express motorized package mover carts are the quick and safe way to transport stacked boxes throughout warehouses and manufacturing plants for time saving transport.  With the attached power drive system, operators are able to transport heavy loads and more boxes without having to worry about the stacks moving or tipping.  This allows for a significant increase in daily efficiency and a decrease in employee safety by eliminating manual pushing and pulling of the cart.  This product was recently created for a sports apparel manufacturing company to transport throughout their warehouse.

-Power Drive System for long distance reduces the risk of workers’ compensation related injuries by eliminating manual pushing and pulling

-Flexible sides for odd size boxes safely secures packages in place to avoid tipping

-Removable ends to make loading and unloading of boxes quick and effortless

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