Ergo-Express® Motorized Dialysis Carts

August 14, 2015

Why You Should Budget for PHS West Dialysis Carts

Imagine how easy your job could be if equipment transport for acute bedside procedures wasn’t an issue. PHS West Dialysis Carts equipped with the Ergo-Express drive system can transport all of the necessary equipment and supplies needed for acute bedside procedures in one trip with one person. Acute dialysis programs should be patient-care focused, not focused on transporting cumbersome equipment.

A few of the MANY BENEFITS of the Ergo-Express Dialysis Carts include:
• Ergo-Express power drive system virtually eliminates negative push pull forces during transport so any staff member can now transport equipment safely.• Acute bedside equipment transport efficiency is greatly improved, one trip one happy person

• Staff focus is back on patient care and not on transporting heavy equipment

Call one of our sales and design consultants TODAY and they will guide you through the concept, provide a quote, and answer any additional questions you may have.

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