Ergo-Express Drive System: A Smart Way to Invest in Injury Prevention

June 20, 2015

Prevent Injuries. Save Money. Make Your Job Easy

“There is a need to continue to raise awareness among senior healthcare leaders about investing in prevention to reduce occupational risks which expose these caregivers to potentially disabling injuries. From a financial perspective, investments in prevention make sense. In fact, over 60 percent of chief financial officers in a survey done by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company reported that each $1 invested in injury prevention returns $2 or more.  In addition to the financial justification, it is unacceptable that caregivers working in healthcare facilities continue to be one of the most at-risk professions for experiencing musculoskeletal disorders, which include back injuries and other strains and sprains.”

Source: Guy Fragala, “Investing in Prevention”

  • Every hospital experiences departmental inefficiencies due to needless extra trips (equipment/supply transport), having to compensate for staff injuries, and dealing with the frustrations of dated, worn equipment.
  • Equipment tips over, elevators thresholds and ramps can be difficult, and the weight can simply be too heavy to safely push or pull.
  • Injuries also affect department moral and compliance using equipment; these factors, among others, cost your department money when efficiency is compromised.

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