Ergo-Express 4000SHD Powered Tug

November 23, 2015

Powered Tug, Model Ergo-Express 4000SHD

powered tug

The Ergo-Express Model 4000SHD powered tug is the best solution for applications in which extreme weight capacities are necessary.  This powered tug can be specially built for your unique needs.  Weight capacity, duty cycle & terrain requirements are all taken into account when selecting program requirements, battery capacity, motor, wheels etc.  The 4000SHD can be up-fitted with whatever hitch requirements you may have.  Like all PHS West products the 4000SHD will, of course, come with 24/7 technical and operational support for the life of the product.  This means no matter the question, day or time, you can reach someone who can help you out.  In addition to the 24/7 technical support the 4000SHD also comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

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