Endoscopy Carts with Tilt Bins for Extra Storage on Your Cart

November 18, 2015

Endoscopy Carts with tilt bins; why would that benefit me?

The Featherweight Endoscopy Carts have the option of adding tilt bins on a riser for added storage.  Smaller items are best stored in the tilt bins rather than losing them in a drawer with several other supplies.  Items such as bite blocks and lubricant are just a few examples of what could be stored in these tilt bins.

Do I have options for the tilt bins?

Your Endoscopy Cart can have either one row of 4 large tilt bins, one row of 5 small tilt bins, two rows of each or two rows; one of 5 and one of 4.  You chose the combination that you feel will best suit your departmental need for storage.

Endoscopy carts tilt bins


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