Endoscopy Carts from PHS West, at MNSGNA

November 16, 2015

What is MNSGNA?

Minnesota regional Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

MNSGNA, an affiliate of SGNA, is made up of nurses, technicians, assistants etc. who are involved in the Gastroenterology and biliary tree entities specialties. SGNA is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing.

Endoscopy Carts at MNSGNA

Endoscopy Carts and PHS West at MNSGNA

PHS West has been attending SGNA and MNSGNA for over two decades.  Continuing to be the leader in Power Drive Travel Endoscopy Carts, PHS West has come to be a household name for those in attendance at MNSGNA.  With nearly every endoscopy department in Minnesota hospitals having our Featherweight Travel Endoscopy Carts, we enjoy attending the MNSGNA to see old familiar faces, and check in on how our original products continue to perform in departments across the state. Continuing our tradition of quality, PHS West not only manufactures motorized travel endoscopy carts, we also manufacture procedure room carts. The Featherweight® Endoscopy Carts are specifically designed to meet your departments unique and exact equipment, supply, footprint and most important, budget requirements. The modular design also promises as your departments needs change, your cart can change along with you ensuring your investment will provide for your department for years to come.

How was the show this year?

As our first endoscopy cart customers came from Minnesota, PHS West enjoys attending the MNSGNA to check in with our original customer base, some who even continue to use their product purchased in the late 90’s, a testament to the quality of product built. The regional show allows for us to connect and ensure all continues to be well with our customers and ensure when they are ready for an upgrade, or a second, third or even fourth cart from us, we are there to provide for them.

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