Endoscopy Cart Wheel Options for Featherweight Endoscopy Carts

November 17, 2015

Endoscopy Cart Wheels

All Featherweight Endoscopy Carts are on wheels for easy maneuverability.  Our carts come standard with 6” casters and can be upgraded to 8” casters if necessary for travel.

Endoscopy Cart 5 inch caster

6 inch caster

endoscopy cart 8 inch caster

8 Inch Caster

Non-Marking precision ball bearing casters for Featherweight Endoscopy Carts

To have a non-marking caster means the caster wheel tread will not leave a mark on the floors

To have ball bearing casters means the casters is the easiest to maneuver, or roll, and is the quietest caster available to ensure late night travel with your Featherweight Endoscopy Cart will not disturb patients.

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