Endoscopy Cart Vertical Supply Storage Cabinet

November 18, 2015

Endoscopy Cart Vertical Supply Cabinet; why do I want that?

With a Featherweight Endoscopy Cart you have the option to add a vertical supply cabinet for storage.  This cabinet is a great organizational tool for supplies such as gold probes, six shooters, forceps and clamps.  Really, anything that comes prepackaged is best stored vertically in this divided cabinet. When these items get placed into drawers it is impossible to keep things neat and organized and staff are always sifting through the drawer trying to find the right package for what they need.

Even the clear Plexiglas doors are of benefit:

With the clear Plexiglas doors you can see what you are going to grab before you need it.  The doors have a spring hinge that helps keep the doors closed during travel so they do not swing open.  Additionally, having doors is great for infection control to keep any mess away from the supplies stored in the cabinet.  Something a bin resting on a shelf cannot provide. Additional dividers are also available for more divided storage.

Endoscopy Cart Vertical Supply Cabinet

endoscopy cart vertical supply cabinet

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