Endoscopy Cart drawer locking mechanisms

November 17, 2015

Endoscopy Cart Gang Locking Drawers; what does this mean?

Endoscopy Cart Gang Lock

All Featherweight Endoscopy Carts have the option to have drawers added for supply storage.  The way we configure our drawers is to place them in a cabinet together. This cabinet allows for the drawers to have a gang lock.

What this means is one turn of the key will lock all of the drawers housed in the cabinet.  No more do you have to individually lock all of the subsequent drawers on your cart.  With our drawer cabinet we have it worked out so that one key, one lock will safely secure all the drawers in place.

Keyless Locks

Endoscopy cart keyless locks

All drawer combinations on the Featherweight Endoscopy Carts have the option for an upgrade to keyless locks.  This keyless lock system works like a garage door keypad.  You push in a code and the drawers will open.  Our keyless locks now come with a keyed over-ride in case the code is forgotten. With keyless locks, no more do you have to worry about that one staff member who always forgets to drop the key back of at the front desk and goes home with it. Leaving the next shift without the ability to get into their drawers! Simply ensure all staff are aware of the keyless lock code and supplies will always be accessible to the staff.

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