Did your long holiday hours leave your employee morale at an all-time low?

January 4, 2016

Long hours and employee morale: Ergo-Express Power Drive is your Solution

Power Drive Solutions

Studies show that employees who feel valued at work perform better, remain happier at work and are more likely to stay with their job. Industries effected by long holiday hours see a trend in low employee morale due to the long overtime hours that were required.  Employee fatigue is also a factor in low employee morale.  Over worked and potentially injured employee’s lower productivity creating an efficiency deficit.

When managers and owners of laborious industries are aware of this lower morale there are thing they can do to boost employee spirits.  Simply recognizing and commenting on the added hard work is one way to show employees you don’t undervalue them and the extra, hard work they’ve put in.  Providing provisions and beverages for an all employee break time will ensure everyone rests and has a good break time. These are just a few ways to ensure employees feel valued.  However, feeling valued is only a part of low employee morale.  Low employee morale is also contributed to a hazardous work environment.

Imagine going to work every day in fear that you will get injured.  Assembly lines have auto shut offs, construction zones require hard hats, and chemical environments have special eye and skin protection requirements, but heavy material handling has yet to introduce the same mandated requirements. Introducing a product to aid in heavy material handling that will eliminate push/pull injury risk from daily transport of heavy items will greatly boost employee morale.  When employees know management cares enough about their well being to invest in a product that will eliminate the daily risk of injury, the attitude and productivity will automatically raise each day they come to work.

Investing in an Ergo-Express Power Drive Solution can be this boost to morale your company needs. Ease the daily physical burden on the staff with an Ergo-Express Motorized Cart or Tug.  The Ergo-Express Motorized Tugs are designed to transport any item already on a wheeled base.  Eliminating the push/pull risk from the daily movement of heavy wheeled items.  The Ergo-Express Motorized Cart can be custom designed with shelving or containment to transport any heavy materials or supplies.  The Powered Cart will eliminate the risk of injury in transporting any heavy items throughout the facility.


In order to help in the process, we also offer free, no obligation, on-site product demonstration.  Unlike most power drive manufacturers, PHS West can deploy the local representative with the product or products of interest to you for a free on-site visit to evaluate and get a hands on experience with our products.

Help make sure your employees stay happy, call a sales & design consultant today to discuss your need and discover how we can help boost employee morale.


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