Daily Duties and Work Place Injuries Lowering Employee Morale

January 4, 2016

Work Place Injuries: The Power Drive Solution

Power Drive Solutions


Imagine if you went to work every day knowing, worrying, that you were going to be exposed to the potential to injure yourself.  How happy would you be to go into work every day? The number one cause of work place stress to healthcare workers is injury risk, according to the American Nurse Today Journal, September 2015 edition. Career ending injuries are a serious workplace injury concern causing musculoskeletal pain and disorders. It is for this reason the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Interprofessional National Standards was implemented in 2013.

With heightening employee safety standards nationwide, the need for power drive products designed to eliminate push/pull injuries is essential.  PHS West has been at the forefront of this revolution since the mid-90’s with the Ergo-Express line of power drive solutions.  Creating products to make your job easier has been our tagline since day one and continues to be the focus of our company as we evolve.

Eliminating the risk of injury in any industry can be taken care of in one of two ways.  Adding an administrative control or adding an engineering control.  Adding an administrative control means adding more employees or more trips to the movement or transport of, heavy equipment, supplies or patients.  Distributing the weight between multiple employees or trips reduces the risk of injury to each staff member involved. This however creates a backlog or slowdown in workflow for a department or company.  Taking someone from their task at hand, to help move something heavy, or adding multiple trips to a task will be doubling the man hours used to move the object.  Again, this reduces the risk of injury and does not eliminate it as both employees are still using their own body mechanics to move or transport a heavy object.  Adding an engineering control means implementing a new product that will take on the force required to move the object.  This control allows for the single employee to continue about their job, using a product that will eliminate their risk of injury.  PHS West has specialized in assisting facilities across different industries implement engineering controls to manual lifting and transportation for over two decades with the Ergo-Express line of products.

The Ergo-Express Motorized Tug is designed to connect with anything that is already on a wheeled base, aiding in its transport.  With the powered tug one staff member can safely perform the task that may require multiple trips or multiple employees. Eliminating the push/pull factor from moving anything on a wheeled base greatly reduces the risk of injury to the employee.  Simply connect the hitch system together, engage the throttle and the Tug does the rest. Custom hitch assemblies are available to ensure proper connection to the existing wheeled base.  Multiple models of tugs are also available to ensure the tool is fit to the person and not the person to the tool.

Tug Tab 1 Pic 2

The Ergo-Express Motorized Cart is a safe and efficient way to transport heavy supplies, equipment or materials around a facility.  Unlike other powered platform cart manufacturers, the Ergo-Express Powered Carts can be customized to fit your specifications.  Containment, shelving, and cabinetry are all available as custom options to design your powered cart. Multiple models are also available to ensure your cart does everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Like all of our products, the Ergo-Express Motorized Cart allows one staff member to safely perform the transport of heavy items. The Ergo-Express Motorized Cart can be customized to fit both clinical and environmental service departments alike.  From Endoscopy Travel Carts to Acute Dialysis Equipment Transport Carts to general supply or linen distribution, the Ergo-Express Powered Platform Carts are the solution to your problem.


PHS West also manufactures the Ergo-Express Motorized Patient Transport Chair.  The Ergo-Express PTC1 is designed to transport patients throughout the facility eliminating the risk of injury to the staff member involved in the transport and greatly increasing the comfort level of the patient being transported.  Among many standard conveniences, the PTC1 can be customized to fit the ideal application in which it will be used.  From elevating foot rests to patient belongings bags, the PTC1 is designed to fit the specifications you set forth.


With the Ergo-Express line of motorized products the options are virtually endless to how we can help accommodate your need for a power drive solution to help you eliminate the risk of injury to your staff.

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