Custom Platform Carts

June 9, 2015

We at PHS West strive to not be like other companies who just say they will do something and not follow through.  When we say, “We allow you to customize carts,” we mean it.  Some companies will say they allow you to customize, but when push comes to shove, it needs to be within certain restrictions.  When others also tell you that your idea is crazy, just remember that at PHS West, we take on any task.

We were recently contacted by a company that was looking to create an ergonomic, motorized solution for a cart they were transporting manually up until recently when an employee was injured.  They had been pushing and pulling carts manually that needed to move two large Gaylord crates through an order picking warehouse.  We were able to deliver an Ergo Express motorized cart that was able to provide a material handling solution that completely removed manual push/pull.  Outside of increased safety, the customer received a cart much larger in size, allowing them to move a third crate for significant increased efficiency.

Custom Motorized CartWe delivered a standard 26” x 62” cart for the initial evaluation.  Upon trialing the cart, the customer provided precise sketches and feedback on what they felt would be ideal in terms of size, capacity, and configuration.  We increased the overall length of the cart, added a custom battery cabinet, increased the capacity and power of the cart, lowered the platform height and provided a custom color.  Within several weeks of putting the cart into use, they were able to provide additional feedback and refine changes for a future cart purchase.  Upon receiving the changes, we promptly provided a final design with which the customer purchased 7 additional units.

Contact us today to receive information and a quote regarding how you can create an ergonomic, motorized solution for increased safety and efficiency within your facility.

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