Patient Belongings System

OP/ER Valet® – The Solution to Prevent Lost Patient Belongings

The OP/ER Valet® Patient Belongings System from PHS West,Inc. is the solution to prevent lost patient belongings. The two-part system first seals the patient belongings inside a sanitary, single-use, tamper-evident liner. The liner is then placed inside of a lockable pouch that is secured to the bed using Velcro, buckled straps, or bolts. The patient now has peace of mind knowing that their belongings are secure and close by.

Your facility has decreased reimbursements due to loss, increased patient satisfaction, and an improved image for taking a proactive approach to patient belongings (and satisfaction).

The lockable pouches can be ordered in custom colors, sizes, and custom logos. We also offer attachment and securement options (eyelets, padlocks, keyed locks, rubber zipper pulls).



OP/ER Valet® Patient Belongings System attaches to any stretcher, bed, or wheelchair.


All bags are lockable and keyed alike.


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