Battery Powered Tugs with Goose-Neck Universal Pivot Hitch

November 23, 2015

Battery Powered Tugs with Goose-Neck Universal Pivot Hitch

Battery Powered Tugs

One of the many connection hitch options, and certainly the most popular for our Ergo-Express battery powered tugs, is the Goose-neck style universal hitch. This hitch works on the battery powered tugs with unsurpassed maneuverability for maneuvering around corners and assist with parking.  This hitch connects onto many wheeled bases without the need to install a permanent hitch system and still tow your carts or wheeled product.  The goose-neck style hitch has a pivoting action to ensure connection maintains during transitions from flat to incline or decline on ramps.  The universal hitch works in the same manner as a semi-truck and trailer where the product being towed follows a direct path behind while the tug and hitch can still jackknife for easy backing, parking, maneuvering etc.

Additional hitch systems are available, please review your need with a sales & design consultant to determine the best hitching system for you.

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