A New Acute Dialysis Cart for a Florida Hospital

March 3, 2016

A New Ergo-Express Motorized Acute Dialysis Cart for Acute Cases in Florida



A hospital in central Florida recently completed the purchase process for their very first Ergo-Express Motorized Acute Dialysis Cart. This cart will connect to their existing HemoDialysis machine and ensure the number one priority of the department, safely moving all of the equipment at once, was met.  Increasing the efficiency of the department was necessary due to increased census.  It was for this reason that the nurse manager reached out to PHS West for a solution.

Through discussion with the inside sales associate and a visit from the local representative for an onsite demonstration and ergonomic risk assessment and cost analysis, the proper paper work was put together to aid in justification. The kick starter to all of this was a staff members previous experience with the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts at a Southern Florida Hospital of previous employment.


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