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PHS West, Inc manufactures a full line of cart mover products to support the transportation needs of supplies and equipment for the health care industry with the Ergo-Express line of motorized carts and cart movers. Any situation where employees encounter potential pushing or pulling injuries, an Ergo-Express Motorized Tug can be the solution. Keep your workforce injury free, don’t make them push or pull heavy carts.

We are the premier solution provider for safe and cost-efficient methods to transport and manipulate heavy supplies and equipment. We offer hundreds of different custom options and configurations for our cart movers and powered carts.

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The Ergo-Express® Cart Mover

PHS West cart movers are solidly built with features and options that ensure your exact material moving needs are met.

  • Center mounted transaxle drive
  • State of the art, self diagnostic, programmable user interface electronics
  • Intuitive user response and safety
  • All electronics, batteries and chargers are housed in a water resistant enclosure
  • State-of-the-art Programmable user interface electronics with multiple settings (speed, acceleration, and braking rates are set to the operator’s desired parameters).
  • Exclusive “belly bump” safety stop switch immediately brakes the cart to a stop.
  • Redundant smart charging system
  • Foam filled never flat drive tires, 8" non marking casters
  • 1,000 pound load and brake capacity at 6° incline (heavier weight capacity options are available)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • ETL Certification Meets UL©, State, Local, and Federal Electrical Safety and JCAHO requirements
  • No additional testing or certification required
  • Ongoing customer service 24/7 Operational and Technical support for the life of the product
  • Custom design options specific to equipment and supply protocol for your department
  • NO directional towing restrictions up or down ramps

The PHS West, Inc. product lines and our Sales force are focused specifically on the healthcare market. This means that your facility gets the knowledge of specific applications, attention to detail, and product quality you expect. Contact us today to schedule a free onsite demonstration or our cart mover.